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Via Twitter, K-Pop star Jo Kwon supports South Korea’s embattled LGBTI community

Via Twitter, K-Pop star Jo Kwon supports South Korea’s embattled LGBTI community

Jo Kwon (right) is currently doing mandatory military service (Photo: Instagram)

K-Pop superstar Jo Kwon has recently flourished as an LGBTI supporter in South Korea.

The 29-year-old singer has been tweeting messages of encouragement to his 1.2 million followers, according to the Korea Herald.

Kwon recently quoted two bible verses. ‘You judge according to the flesh; I judge no one’ he wrote. ‘Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins’.

Kwon, who was leader of South Korean pop group 2AM, has previously dressed in drag. He has also taken down LGBTI haters on social media.

His career is currently on hold while he serves mandatory military service.

While homosexuality is legal in South Korea, powerful conservative Christian groups regularly lobby against LGBTI rights.

Recently, they have become more active in disrupting public LGBTI events.

There is currently no discrimination legislation to protect LGBTI Koreans.

‘We don’t deserve you’

Kwon also recently shared a series of private messages he received from fans.

They thanked him for speaking out on LGBTI issues. ‘We don’t deserve you’, one said, according to the Korea Herald.

“My views on religion became very negative after seeing Christian groups brand homosexuality as a sin’ one message read.

‘But reading Jo Kwon’s Instagram posts without prejudice that God loves everyone touched me. Jo Kwon helped me overcome my own negative perception about religious people.’

In 2017, he courted controversy by wearing a dress on a popular cable show, Golden Tambourine. He performed Beyonce’s Crazy in Love.

Responding to criticism, however, he channeled Lady Gaga and said: ‘I was born this way. Don’t be a drag. Just be a queen/king.’

In June, Kwon shot down haters after he shared a photo with openly-gay South Korean chef, Hong Suk Chun.

‘Stop discriminating. Someone can also hate and discriminate against you. We can’t satisfy everyone in the world but there is a basic line,’ he wrote.

‘Don’t change my feed full of rainbows to dark clouds’, he said.


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