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Vice president-elect Pence has no problem with Hamilton cast

Vice president-elect Pence has no problem with Hamilton cast

Donald Trump and Mike Pence are now president-elect and vice president-elect

Looks like Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s feelings are not as fragile as his boss. Late last week, the Indiana governor attended a performance of the Broadway sensation Hamilton

The Richard Rodgers Theatre audience booed the future vice president before the show started. At  curtain call, cast member Brandon Victor Dixon (Aaron Burr) spoke to Pence from the stage. President-elect Donald Trump found this a break from decent behavior.


Today, on Face the Nation, Pence called the play ‘a great show…My hats off to the cast and the extraordinary team that brought Hamilton to the public.’

The vice-president elect did not hear Dixon’s statement but did read it.

‘I wasn’t offended by what was said,’ Pence said. ‘I’ll  leave it to others whether it was the appropriate venue to say it.’

Pence promised Trump wants to be the president of ‘all the people of the United States of America.’

Last week, the president-elect reportedly picked  Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be attorney general. An early Trump supporter the senator voted in favor of the Marriage Protection Amendment, which would’ve added an amendment to the Constitution to define marriage between a man and woman.

He also opposed the repeal of the military policy ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’; that guideline did not allow LGBT troops to serve and be out.

Below is the full interview. The Hamilton comments start around the 11 minute mark.