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Vicks just released the most touching video in support of trans parents

Vicks just released the most touching video in support of trans parents

A new Vicks' video features trans advocate Gauri Sawant

Within hours of its release, Vicks’ new advertisement gained hundreds of thousands views.

The moving ad tells the story of a young girl adopted by a trans woman after her birth mother died.

It shows the two sharing tender moments and her adoptive mother caring for her when the girl is sick.

Her mother treats her sickness with Vicks – the cold and flu treatment.

Finally, the girl declares she wants to become a lawyer to fight for her mother’s right to equality under India law.

The story is based on trans advocate Gauri Sawant who plays herself in the ad.

Critically acclaimed directed the ad Neeraj Ghaywan said it was telling Sawant’s story that drew him to the project.

‘I was instantly excited about being a part of this project when I learned that the agency wanted it to be based on Gauri Sawant’s story,’ he told Newsd.

‘I worked with them to arrive at a narrative form to talk about her life. It has been one of the most fulfilling, inspiring and humbling experiences of my life to work on this commercial.’

Trans rights and adoption

People on social media have applauded Vicks for promoting trans rights in India.

‘We believe that everyone deserves to feel what it means to be cared for and to care for someone,’ the company said in a statement.

‘To experience the difference it makes in your life, to have someone that will unconditionally love you and care for you. In the hope that you, at your turn, can do the same and transform someone’s life with the #TouchOfCare.’

In 2014, the Supreme Court introduced laws which allows trans people to marry, inherit property and fill quotas in jobs and educational institutions, discrimination is still common.

Watch the video below: