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Victoria becomes first state to ban conversion therapy in Australia

Victoria becomes first state to ban conversion therapy in Australia

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The southern state of Victoria has become the first to outlaw ‘gay conversion’ therapy.

Labor Party Premier Daniel Andrews made the announcement ahead of the state capital’s Melbourne Pride March.

‘This bigoted quackery that masquerades as healthcare, the notion that any gay Victorian is broken and needs to be fixed… that’s such a hurtful, wrong and frankly an absolutely disgraceful way to approach what should be about inclusion and acceptance and valuing people just for who they are,’ Andrews said in his speech.

Conversion therapy is an extremely harmful and fruitless attempt to ‘fix’ a person’s sexuality or gender identity. The practice still goes on worldwide today even though countries around the world are beginning to ban it.

The Victorian government’s decision came after a report  Health Complaints Commission found conversion therapy caused long-term psychological distress.

Equality Minister Martin Foley said the state government would introduce the legislation to parliament in 2020.

‘The Health Complaints Commission’s report points to some deep seated, well entrenched practices here,’ he said at the Pride March.

‘We want to make sure we don’t push those practices to the fringe of society and underground, so getting this right is actually quite the complex process.’

‘Bigoted quackery’

Andrews also took to social media to announce the ban.

‘Gay, bi and trans people don’t need to be ‘cured’ – because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them,’ he wrote on Facebook.

‘And if you think otherwise, maybe there’s something wrong with you. ‘Conversion therapy’ destroys lives.

‘It creates shame and stigma.

‘And soon, it will be against the law in Victoria. This is an Australian first. And it’s the right thing to do.

‘Because bigoted quackery has no place in this state.

‘Not now. Not ever.’

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