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Video calls for zero phobia from Chilean families

Video calls for zero phobia from Chilean families

Chile’s leading sexual minority organization has launched a new anti-discrimination campaign.

The Homosexual Integration and Liberation Movement (Movilh) is encouraging families to support their LGBT relatives and friends with a campaign themed: ‘When families advance, society stops discriminating.’

Family members come to a gay man’s defense in Movilh’s Spanish-language video, launched less than a month after Chile’s congress passed an anti-discrimination law establishing some protections for gay bash victims.

‘With the anti-discrimination law approved, there is a widespread awareness that laws are only a tool for equality,’ said Movilh in an official press release.

‘Real change requires a profound cultural and social change to overcome discrimination. This change must start with families, so we launched the first campaign of its kind in Chile’.

The new campaign video shows family members questioning a man’s homophobic reaction to a gay man showering in a locker room, asking: ‘Why are you calling him a faggot?’

The campaign will run until 23 June to coincide with World Pride Day in London and to celebrate Movilh’s 21st anniversary.

Jaime Parada Hoyl, Movilh’s spokesperson, told Gay Star News that the new campaign and the 23 June festivities must unify a celebration of pride with a push for equality.

‘We must ensure that everyone, including heterosexuals, supports our cause. We learned a lesson from last year’s pride by making it a family-friendly pride, a cultural event.’

‘We had the highest turnout ever when we invited everyone who believes that LGBT people deserve equal human rights and civil liberties’.

Movilh produced its annual report on human rights and sexual diversity that shows 51 cases of domestic violence that since 2003 have affected approximately 102 people.

The organization’s reports show only 7.4% of LGBT people report instances of abuse out of fear for revealing their sexual identity and because of familial conflict their identity could create.

Movilh is promoting the campaign and 23 June march on its Facebook and Twitter pages using the hash-tag #yomarcho (I march). 

Check out the campaign video produced by Agencia Grey and directed by Sergio Quense of Sagrado Films below: