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South Korean video gamer EFFECT comes out as bisexual

South Korean video gamer EFFECT comes out as bisexual


South Korean video gamer Hyeon ‘EFFECT’ Hwang, who plays on the professional Overwatch team Dallas Fuel has come out as bisexual.

He wrote in a tweet that ‘it is true that I am bisexual’.

His original tweet, along with Twitter’s translation, is below.

EFFECT'S coming out tweet
The coming out tweet | Photo: Twitter @EFFECT

A separate account doing translations offers a more coherent understanding of EFFECT’s original tweet.

A translation of EFFECT'S tweet
A translation of the tweet | Photo: Twitter @efftranslator

According to the translation’s, EFFECT hid his sexuality since he was young and ‘never even showed a hint to anyone except my family’. If the translation is correct, he added that his family ‘got mad immediately’.

He then wrote that he will no longer ‘cosplay’ or hide behind the heavy burden.

At the end, he apologized for the ‘sudden announcement’.

According to reports, he has been met with support by the Overwatch community.

Blizzard Entertainment developed Overwatch, a multiplayer first-person shooter game. In 2016, the company announced their professional league for the game.

He faces other struggles from his home country, however.

Realities in South Korea

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), South Korea has the 10th highest rate of suicide in the world.

LGBTI people in South Korea also face higher rates of suicide ideation and attempts than their straight peers.

A 2017 study showed 37.5%  of gay people and 32.4% of bisexual people in the country experienced suicide ideation compared to 21.9% of straight people. As for attempts, 20.3% of gay people and 22.4% of bisexual people made attempts at taking their own life compared to 7.3% of straight people.

Another 2017 study showed similar trends.

The National Human Rights Commission of Korea includes sexual orientation under their anti-discrimination guidances. As an organization, they can conduct investigations into discrimination claims.

South Korea’s anti-discrimination law itself, however, does not explicitly include sexual orientation or gender identity.

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