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Video of kids singing ‘Vogue’ goes viral

From the underground gay scene in New York in 1990 to a kindergarten class in Los Angeles in 2012

Video of kids singing ‘Vogue’ goes viral

Vogue has come a long way from the underground gay scene in New York, as proven in a new viral video.

These kids, only identified as Mr Avina’s class, strike a pose and move to the music similar to Madonna’s 1990 video.

The pint sized posers sing the Queen of Pop hit while donning top hats, twirling batons, hula hooping and waving hand-held fans.

These little superstars performed at the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Primary Center on 13 June, and after the video was posted a couple of days later, the video went viral.

One of the comments on the YouTube video says: ‘OMG Thank you! Put huge smiles on my employees and myself, very cute and the lyrics to vogue has a cool positive message. AWESOME.’

In response, the poster of the video said: ‘Thank you! I am so happy that it’s making people smile and we are thrilled that it’s getting such a positive reaction!’

Madonna is currently performing the track on her worldwide MDNA tour.

Check out the ridiculously cute video here:

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