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Video shows first ever Vietnam Pride

Video shows first ever Vietnam Pride

Colorful, smiley and set to a pumping pop soundtrack, a video of the first ever LGBT parade in Vietnam shows it was everything a Pride celebration should be.

The parade was on bikes to avoid trouble from the one-party Communist state’s authorities that a march might bring. But the bicycles, adorned with balloons in all the colors of the rainbow, added to the ebullient atmosphere.

Organizers said there were about 100 people on the ride and it was a great success despite the route being redirected at the last minute to avoid to anti-China demonstrations concerning disputes in the South China Sea.

The ride finished outside Hanoi Botanical Gardens with supporters gathering for photographs, displaying banners reading ‘I love LGBT’ and ‘I love my life’.

Tam Nguyen, Viet Pride’s main organiser, said in an interview the Gay Star News that ‘the most important thing about Pride is that you send out the message to the public that the gay community exists’. With world media coverage by everything from VietnamNet (‘The First Festival of Homosexuals in Vietnam’) to Agence France Presse (‘Gay taboo turns to Pride in Vietnam’), she has certainly succeed in getting that message through.

Nguyen added:

‘The Viet LGBT picture will never be the same after Viet Pride 2012. And so will the lives of those who were in it. We had lots of tears for the three days of Pride, and those were the tears of joy and hope.’

See photos on the Veit Pride 2012 Facebook page.

Watch the video here: