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Video: Two ‘gay men’ beaten to death with wooden planks

Video: Two ‘gay men’ beaten to death with wooden planks

A video has surfaced online appearing to show two gay men being beaten with sticks and wooden planks.

In the short two-and-a-half minute video, a crowd is gathered around the two broken half-naked men on the ground.

And in further horrific scenes from the film, one man’s head is split open and his brains pour out of his skull.

With the mob’s weapons, they appear to brutally murder them. It is impossible to say whether the men are dead but they stop moving and the injuries appear to be life threatening.

Police, as well as religious figures, appear to be at the scene. At no point are the two men offered any help or medical assistance.

From the Swahili language used, it appears the video was filmed in Nigeria.

The mob shouts, in words that could have been added later or recorded live, include ‘Homo!’ and ‘Abnormal!’

Posted on ‘uncensored reality’ video sharing site on 9 December, it is unknown whether the video is recent or not.

Gay Star News has contacted several activists in Nigeria and Africa and they have been unable to verify the incident portrayed in the video.

Our investigation cannot prove or verify any of the facts claimed in other misleading reports.

Warning: Before clicking on the video, please be aware the film is horrific and has graphic scenes that should not be viewed by anyone.

Due to Kaotic automatically playing the film, we have chosen to not embed it on GSN. You can see it here.