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This video of a young boy twerking at Pride has homophobes outraged

White supremacists post video as 'proof civilisation is crumbling'

This video of a young boy twerking at Pride has homophobes outraged
Young boy twerks at Pride

A video of a young boy, no more than 12 years old, twerking and having a great time at a Pride is going viral.

The short clip filmed at Sao Paolo Pride in Brazil on 6 June was uploaded just days ago, but in that short time it has attracted a huge amount of negative backlash.

The as-yet unidentified boy is seen dancing in short blue denim shorts to RuPaul’s Sissy That Walk, as he was applauded by drag queens and revellers.

The clip was first pointed out by right-wing LGBT parody website Ovenworthy.

And while you should never go into YouTube comments looking for logic and reason, most of the comments were especially vitriolic.

The comments may have been especially bad as the video was also posted onto a white supremacy website.

‘This is exactly what I expect from a gay pride parade,’ one said. ‘If you pay attention you will notice that the homosexual agenda very clearly focuses on converting children to homosexuality.’

Others claimed ‘his “parents need to be shot in the street” while others were calling to ‘kill the faggots’.

‘This is nothing new. This is what the Jew/white liberal celebrates,’ a commenter on that forum said. ‘This is why they have been pushing the faggots for so long.’

Hundreds of thousands gather every year in Sao Paulo for Pride, one of the largest LGBTI festivals in the world.

Watch it below:

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    I’m gay and this video is disgusting. This is a little boy in bootie shorts dancing provocatively for adults like a twink in a nightclub for fuck’s sake. What the fuck is the matter with you? If this was a 10-year-old girl twerking for a group of men, everyone would be outraged. It is not okay to sexualize children and I’m stunned to see a gay publication actually defending this. Fucking shame on you for not standing up for chilldren and for giving bigots more ammunition when they accuse us of being deviant.

    Paedophiles love little boys. Children should not be exploited.

    He’s a BOY and there is no reason people should be hootin’ and hollarin’ for a young boy dancing provocatively in front of everyone. That is not appropriate in the least :'( Poor kid is going to be confused on so many levels it’s heartbreaking :'( Soon Christ is returning, anyday now…………Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand and you will be found guilty and thrown into the eternal furnace if you do not turn from your wicked perverted ways. Seek the truth and align yourself wih Righteousness <3

    Let the boy have fun…;-)

    If you are old enough to be heckled and beaten up for being gay, then you are old enough to know that you are gay, and fight back by dancing in the street.

    Now watch the religious freaks twist all all around to fit their own hateful agenda. They’ve had centuries of practise.

    Jim Slade says:

    Just moral erosion and child abuse.

    Careful, kid, that old pervert standing next to you’s getting excited.

    The funniest thing about this outra is that the boy is from Brazil, where samba is the national dance, where all the Little kids (gays and hetero) probably know ho to dance it. Guess what, you have to move your hips like that to dance samba and no one sees it sexual in Brazil. That is why you don’t have to measure what is appropiate and what is not with the occidental morals ruler. What really grosses me out are people that actually find this kid dancing sexual. It gives you something to think about.

    Latrina Nedd says:

    Talk about intellectual dishonesty. A young boy, wearing nothing but short shorts, twerking to Ru Paul’s “Sissy that walk”…. no implied sexuality there…. But crucify Milo because he leans right. There is no logic on the left anymore. The liberal label has been hi-jacked by the lowest on the IQ scale.

    Anastasija Larionova “Educate yourself” blaaah, this is not twerking this is SAMBA get over it!

    Juan Diego Moreno Yuste Dude shut up. Anyone with common sense knows that twerking is more than just a dance at its root. Geez.

    ^if you research the background of the dance tweaking or that specific dance move it comes with sexual background so educate yourself

    It’s just a dance Anastasja, get a grip. It’s sexual only if you see it as sexual, which is the creepiest thing of all, really.

    there’s a difference between twerking and samba. in this case it’s twerking and it is sexual and disguisting. this is a gay parade no one dances samba ther they’re celebrating sexuality, which kind of supports the fact its sexual. stop trying to defend it. against gay or not this is absolutely disguisting.

    Isso nao e samba mais sexualidade. Nao tenho nada a ver com a gay pride.