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Vienna launches plan to attract gay and lesbian tourists

Vienna launches plan to attract gay and lesbian tourists

City officials in Vienna have announced a strategy to woo gay and lesbian travelers to the Austrian capital’s streets.

Viennese authorities will promote the country’s music, culture and history to attract the presence and money of gay and lesbian tourists.

According to Reuters, the plan to court LGBT tourists came after a study among gay and lesbian travelers from outside Vienna revealed their average household income was €385 higher than that of other tourists to Vienna.

LGBT tourists as a group are ‘high profile, luxury customers who go to the opera and enjoy very good food,’ according to Vienna Tourist Board marketing analyst Clemens Koeltringer.

Since civil partnerships were legalized in Vienna in 2010, city officials are also encouraging LGBT tourists to consider any number of Viennese locations to conduct their ceremony.

‘Vienna is not a Mykonos, it must not be,’ added Koeltringer.

‘This is the main reason we are differentiating ourselves’.

Market research has found that LGBT tourists generally have higher disposable incomes and will travel more frequently during the off-season than their heterosexual counterparts.

According to LGBT marketing specialist Out Now Global, LGBT leisure travel is forecast to rise almost 10 percent to €141 billion in 2013.

Briand Bedford Eichler, editor of gay-friendly travel guide Spartacus, told Reuters: ‘Gay people are still travelling and still spending. It’s a niche that hasn’t been too affected by the crisis’.
‘More people want to offer products, because they realize it’s a lucrative market’.