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Vietnam Pride finishes three-day celebrations with bike rally

Vietnam Pride finishes three-day celebrations with bike rally

Vietnamese Pride takes place on bikes and in the rain this year with nearly 400 people celebrating on Sunday.

Persistent rains did not deter festivalgoers marching in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

This year’s Pride was the fourth, but was slightly smaller than last year’s with around 600 people attending.

The US ambassador for Vietnam Ted Osius joined the parade with his husband, Clayton Bond. He wrote on Facebook: ‘When promoting human rights, even heavy rain can’t stop those who are committed to advancing Vietnam’s future in the Viet Pride bike ride.

‘Starting at Giang Vo lake and ending at the American Club, more than 300 cyclists lit up the buzzing streets and grey sky with their enthusiasm and commitment to “We Are Queer! We are Here!”

‘Take a stand to support equality in Vietnam!’

Though there were no corporate sponsors, PricewaterhouseCoopers supported the message of inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

After the festival, which lasted three days, many people attended an after-party at a bar called the American Club.

LGBTI rights in Vietnam have seen rapid advancement over the last few years; including the government lifting a ban on gay marriage in January this year.