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Vigil to be held for trans man who jumped to his death in Pittsburgh

Andi Woodhouse jumped to his death in mid-December but local media did not report the fact that he was a trans man

Vigil to be held for trans man who jumped to his death in Pittsburgh

A vigil will take place tomorrow (3 January) for a trans man who committed suicide in Pittsburgh.

Andi Woodhouse, aged 24, died on Saturday 13 December after jumping from the 10th Street Bridge. From Lebanon, Pennsylvania, Woodhouse worked at a local McDonalds.

Although his death was covered by local media at the time, he was mis-gendered in reports, Because of this, not many realized that his death adds to the number of suicides amongst trans people.

The Williams Institute of Los Angeles published research last year that estimated over 40% of trans people have attempted suicide at some stage in their life.

Writing for Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents blog this week, Sue Kerr said that Woodhouse’s former girlfriend, Kasey, had contacted her about Woodhouse’s death after reading an article she had written about the death last Sunday of Leelah Alcorn.

‘I did not expect once again to be writing about the impact of the death of a young trans person, not 24 hours after my most recent post,’ said Kerr. ‘Do I just copy the words from yesterday? Do I focus on setting up a memorial? What do I do except feel angry and sad?

‘Andi was right here. He walked the streets that I walk, his life ended on a bridge I cross regularly. He was right here in Pittsburgh and we didn’t know. He was right here, just blocks from community resources that I help to build and support and promote. He was right here.’

On a Facebook page set up to announce the vigil, his sister, Ashely Ginotto, wrote: ‘Everyone is welcome to come… My baby brother will be honored to the fullest from the heavens above.

‘Andi had the biggest heart, best smile, amazingly wonderful laugh I’ve ever heard, a genuine soul, beautiful blue eyes.

‘Please honor and fight for my brother… I always have been and will continue to be his defensive, protective, big-mouthed, big sister.’

The vigil will take place at the 10th Street bridge from 2pm on Saturday 3 January. Organizers say that people will gather on the corner of Carson and 10th street.

‘Bring signs, candles, flowers or anything that you’d like … Come out in support of Andi’s sister and friends. And come in support of all trans folks, those alive, and to remember those who are no longer with us.’

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