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Vigilantes pour raw sewage on young couple for being at home alone together

Vigilantes pour raw sewage on young couple for being at home alone together

Two photos. First: couple bent over covered in raw sewage. Second: A man is pouring sewage over the girl

Vigilantes in the Indonesian province of Aceh poured raw sewage on a young couple in a public display of humiliation.

Aceh is the only province in Indonesia allowed to practice Islamic Sharia law. The law bans everything from alcohol to homosexuality.

The vigilantes found the straight couple aged 19 and 18 together in a house alone in the Acher Besar region.

Rather than give them to police like vigilantes are encouraged to do, they decided to hand out their own justice.

The mob poured raw sewage on the couple in front of onlookers in public square. The horrifying incident  was filmed and uploaded to social media.

The crowd can be heard cheering and laughing as the sewage is poured on the teenagers.

By the time police arrived, the couple had been released to wash off in a nearby river.

Ingin Jaya Police Chief AKP Nazarul Fitra told Beratikini that police detained the couple to ‘avoid undesirable things’.

Achar Besar’s head of the Civil Police Unit, Ramadani, said the vigilantes claimed to have found the couple in a bedroom.

‘The witnesses who gave statements said when they raided, the door of the house was not locked, but the couple was already in the room, which the men had already stripped off, but the women was still dressed,’ Ramadani told Beratikini.

He said a pending trial would determine whether the couple was guilty or not.

Vigilantes on the rise

Vigilantism is on the rise in Indonesia, especially in Aceh where the LGBTI community is targeted.

Last year a mob invaded the home of a man and filmed him in bed with another men. The men were then caned 82 times in Indonesia’s first flogging and conviction for homosexuality.

In December last year a group of 12 trans women were targeted on their way home from a birthday party.

Earlier this year, a case made international headlines when 12 trans women were rounded up from beauty salons. They had their hair forcibly shaved in front of a crowd and forced to undergo ‘therapy’ to ‘live like men again’.

As recently as Saturday (3 March) there was an incident of vigilantism in West Jakarta.

A mob raided the home of two men and claimed they were gay. They turned them over to police who are forcing them to undergo ‘prayer rehab’ at a nearby social housing unit.