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Village People are back and living together in new realtor ad campaign

Village People are back and living together in new realtor ad campaign

Original Village People member Felipe Rose

A UK-based real estate agency YOPA has recruited disco legends Village People for three campaign adverts.

The adverts depict the current incarnation of the band living together in an average UK home, deciding to sell, and recruiting YOPA to help them.

Village People were formed in 1977, primarily as a disco act designed to appeal to gay men. The ‘Village’ element of their name came from Greenwich Village – a New York neighborhood known for its gay population.

Part of the band’s novelty appeal lay in the fact that each member was dressed as a different masculine stereotype (construction worker, cowboy, leather biker, etc).

The band went on to enjoy unexpectedly huge mainstream success – selling over 100million records worldwide. Hits include ‘YMCA’, ‘Go West’ and ‘In The Navy’.

The group has featured a rotating number of performers. The current line-up features just two of the original members – Felipe Rose (the Indian) and Alex Briley (the GI). Both Rose and Briley appear in the new ad campaign.

Fixed-fee real estate agency YOPA commissioned ad agency Publicis UK to produce the campaign.

Daniel Attia, CEO and co-founder of YOPA said in a press statement, ‘The concept of The Village People needing a helping hand to move on proved irresistible for these ads.

‘Aside from the comedy that the situation presents, it’s a message that fundamentally rings true: so many of us delay moving home because the process is so stressful, not to mention hugely expensive … Between that and the connection between Y-O-P-A and Y-M-C-A, we were sold on this idea from day one.’

Watch a couple of the adverts below.

And should you need reminding of Village People’s finest moment…