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Village People shocked people think their music is gay

Village People shocked people think their music is gay

Young man (and woman), there’s no need to feel down.

Well, actually, there might be a reason. Camp disco icons Village People have said they are ‘shocked’ people think their music is gay.

Songs like YMCA and In The Navy are played in gay bars and clubs around the world, with lyrics such as ‘they have everything for young men to enjoy, you can hang out with all the boys’.

Felipe Rose, the original Native American character and openly gay, said the group is ‘just a party band’. David Hodo, the construction worker, said In The Navy was just about enlisting.

‘People always talk about the double entendre. There was not one double entendre in the music,’ Hodo said.

The group talked to filmmaker Jamie Kastner for his documentary The Secret Disco Revolution, which premiered at the London Film Festival this week, as reported by The Sun.

Of the interview, Kastner said: ‘It just screeched to a halt right there. I was incredulous.’

Originally created to target disco’s gay audience by featuring popular gay fantasy personas like a leather-clad biker, the band’s popularity quickly brought them into the mainstream.

The group sold 100 million records and is still on tour.