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WATCH: Gay man posts emotional video to announce he and husband are divorcing

EXCLUSIVE: Popular YouTuber Vinny, Luke and Vinny, tells us about the pressure to present as perfect all the time on social media

WATCH: Gay man posts emotional video to announce he and husband are divorcing
Vinny breaks down on the video announcing his split from husband Luke

A popular YouTuber has posted an emotional video to announce that he and his husband are divorcing.

Luke and Vinny have built a large social media following with their V-Squared website.

The couple met and began dating online, in 2006 via MySpace, before meeting in 2007 in person for the first time in Barcelona, Spain. Vinny is from the US and Luke is British.

The couple had a long-distance relationship for several years, before marrying in 2013 in Nottingham, UK. They had another service in 2014 in New York for those who couldn’t attend the UK ceremony.

They lived in the UK from 2013-2015, before relocating to the US.

However, in the video posted Sunday, Vinny revealed that they have been living separately since February, and have now decided to divorce.

‘Luke and I haven’t lived together since February. During the surprise trip to Key West that he took me on, he told me that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be married or in a relationship,’ says Vinny at the start of the film.

‘So we took a break and tried to see if things could work, and evidently they didn’t.’

Vinny doesn’t go into details about the reasons behind the split as he doesn’t want the video to become a ‘blame game’, but says, ‘we’ve grown apart and we’ve changed as individuals.’

His voice cracking, he admits, ‘it’s been hard, really hard.’ He gets visibly tearful when he wishes Luke, ‘all the happiness in the world.’

He ends by saying it’s been hard for him to keep his marital problems a secret for the past five months, and ‘be kind to a stranger because you have no idea what they might be going through.’

The video description says that Luke saw and approved the video before posting.

‘Social media allows anyone to portray whatever side of themselves they wish to show’

In an email to GSN, Vinny said that he and Luke had been having problems for the past year. He said he had suggested couples counseling ‘on several occasions’, but Luke ‘turned down the opportunity.’

He said friends and family had been ‘extremely’ supportive.

‘I am so grateful for their support. From friends I haven’t spoken to since high school messaging me, to my best friends who have been there throughout, I am beyond moved by their love.’

Asked if they had felt under pressure to present themselves as a perfect couple on social media he said: ‘Absolutely. Our divorce has shocked a lot of people, but as mentioned previously, we were having difficulties for over a year.

‘Social media allows anyone to portray whatever side of themselves they wish to show. We chose to keep our struggles out of the public eye in order to work on them without the commentary of the Internet.

‘Ultimately, we took time away from YouTube, first Luke as an individual, and then us as a couple. I don’t think either of us wanted to come across as a perfect couple when we were struggling. Our relationship always came first.’

As for his hopes for the future, he said: ‘I hope that both Luke and I both find closure after our decade together comes to an end. Everyone deserves to be happy, and I wish him that and more. We will always love each other, even it may be from afar.’

Luke responded to the video on Twitter, saying: ‘Thank you to those who waited patiently for this. I’ll always love Vinny. It was wonderful.’

GSN has approached Luke for comment.

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