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Gay couple’s hilarious photobomb kiss goes viral

Gay couple’s hilarious photobomb kiss goes viral

Gay couple photobomb kiss

A series of photos blew up the internet, all because of one gay couple’s hilarious photobomb kiss in the background.

On Tuesday (9 October), McKayla Thomas, 23, posted a series of photos kissing her girlfriend Isabella Schmidt, 19, at Long Beach Pride earlier this year.

While it’s an adorable photo of some beautiful same-sex love, the stars of the show are in the background.

When Matthew Lopez, 20, noticed the girls taking their photos, he turned to his 57-year-old boyfriend Camber Hill.

Lopez told Gay Star News: ‘The second I saw them taking the photo I immediately said: “Babe let’s kiss”.

One of the viral photobomb gay kisses
One of the viral photobomb gay kisses. | Photo: supplied

‘Knowing sooner or later the girls would see us and laugh at the photobomb,’ he explained. ‘I never would have thought I’d wake up and come across this on twitter.’

‘What makes this so great are the dudes in the back’

Thomas and Schmidt met via social media in February last year. They’ve now been together for just over a year and half.

McKayla Thomas and Isabella Schmidt
McKayla Thomas and Isabella Schmidt. | Photo: supplied

On the photobomb, Thomas said she had no idea who the gay couple was in the background but when they noticed it, they ‘loved it!’

‘We didn’t notice the photobomb until the next day when we were editing the pictures,’ she said. ‘It gave us both a great laugh.’

When Thomas posted the photo, Twitter user @sydclem11 quote-tweeted it and wrote: ‘what makes this so great are the dudes in the back’.

The tweet now has over 228k likes and over 50k retweets.

Screenshot of viral photobomb gay kiss
Screenshot of viral photobomb gay kiss. | Photo: Twitter

On Lopez’s relationship with his boyfriend, he said there’s a 37-year age gap.

The gay couple met on Grindr and have been dating for almost seven months now, after falling in love ‘right away’.

Matthew Lopez and Camber Hill
Matthew Lopez and Camber Hill. | Photo: supplied

He said: ‘Now the Twitter world knows about my relationship but it’s not a big deal. We’re both happy and love each other!’

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