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VOTE NOW: Should Hong Kong legalize same-sex marriage?

VOTE NOW: Should Hong Kong legalize same-sex marriage?

The largest English-language newspaper in Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post, is conducting a poll on same-sex marriage in the Special Administrative Region of China.

As of Sunday morning, only 34 percent of respondents had voted in favor. Anyone is able to vote in the online survey here.

This week, Hong Kong’s lawmakers unanimously voted against a debate on legalizing same-sex unions.

The city’s only openly gay legislator, Ray Chan, introduced the motion into the Legislative Council on Thursday afternoon (22 November).

But, it was voted down with 27 against to 24 for.

On Saturday, nearby Taiwan voted against equal marriage in a landmark national referendum. In a major blow to the LGBTI community, Residents instead opted for seperate legislation.

Chan decided to introduce the motion after Hong Kong’s highest court ruled in a favor of a British lesbian, that same-sex couples married overseas should be granted dependant spousal visa in Hong Kong.

He was also motivated by Angus Leung’s fight for same-sex couples working in the public service to get the same benefits as heterosexual couples.

‘It is meant to get the ball rolling, and push the Government to address this issue to keep Hong Kong competitive in the global marketplace,’ Chan told Gay Star News.

Chan said the next step would be to ‘to seek further common ground and build a broader coalition to push the LGBT rights issue forward’.

Chan hopes the government will agree with him that a ‘thorough review of policy and the institution of civil union can help members of the Hong Kong’s LGBT community to live a fuller and more equal life on the one hand, and make Hong Kong an attractive place to do global business on the other hand’.

This week, a gay man who could not get public housing because he is married to a man announced he was sueing the Hong Kong government.