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VP Mike Pence invites gay world leader and his partner to his house

VP Mike Pence invites gay world leader and his partner to his house

Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Anne Pence and Mike Pence, and Leo's partner, Matthew Barrett

Vice President Mike Pence has invited gay world leader Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and his partner to his house.

The former Indiana governor has been accused of extreme homophobic views, including supporting conversion therapy.

Varadkar and partner Mike Barrett, a cardiologist, had breakfast with Pence this morning (14 March).

Barratt did not take part in the traditional shamrock ceremony in the White House.

The ceremony is a formal presentation of shamrock to the US president on behalf of the Irish people.

It is customary for a Taoiseach to have their partner on the stage as the presentation is made to the president and his partner.

Mike Pence has met with Leo Varadkar before

Mike Pence and Leo Varadkar
Photo: @campaignforleo | Twitter

Last year Varadkar had a conversation with Pence about issues of equality and LGBTI rights in Ireland and America.

He said afterwards that both were ‘very well briefed’ and ‘knew about my personal story’.

‘They said that both Matt and I would be very welcome to visit there in the future. It was a very nice gesture, ‘ Varadkar said at the time.’

Also meeting with Donald Trump

Varadkar will also meet with President Donald Trump this afternoon.

The main reason for this meeting is due to the business relationship between Ireland and the United States.

He said: ‘The scale and diversity of this investment is indicative of the strength of the partnership between our two countries.’

Enterprise Ireland has said there’s more than 100,000 people employed by Irish companies in the United States.

US companies employ around 155,000 in Ireland.

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