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The Walking Dead’s first gay male character’s boyfriend Eric is revealed

The Walking Dead’s first gay male character’s boyfriend Eric is revealed

Fans of zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead will get their look at the show’s latest LGBTI character this week as the show’s first openly gay male character gets a love interest.

Aaron, played by actor Ross Marquand, was introduced to fans last week as a recruiter for a fortified community of survivors called Alexandria and the show’s creators let it be known that this was the major gay male character for The Walking Dead that they had been dropping hints about for months.

Now this week, as the survivors lead by former local sheriff Rick Grimes arrive near the gates of Alexandria, fans will get to meet Aaron’s romantic partner Eric, played by actor Jordan Woods-Robinson.

Woods-Robinson, who is married to a woman in real life, is a relatively unknown actor, who recently appeared in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1 in the role of ‘Snow’s Stylist #1’ though he has also performed as a member of the Blue Man Group.

However he has a past connection to The Walking Dead. While studying at New York University, Jordan starred in a three person show opposite Emily Kinney who plays Beth Greene on the show.

But while fans have learned a little of Aaron’s back story, nothing yet is known about Eric’s.

The characters appeared in The Walking Dead comic books but their background wasn’t explored there so the actors had little to go on in approaching their roles.

Despite that Marquand told The Daily Beast that he and Woods-Robinson had talked a lot about what must have happened in their characters’ lives before they show up in the show.

‘We really did our best to create a back story for these two men,’ Marquand said in a recent interview, ‘It’s not expressly laid out in the comics how long they’ve known each other.’

‘Did they know each other before the apocalypse began? We wanted to think they did. We thought it was a stronger choice that they had known each other before everything went to hell. It’s a really endearing love story that way, that these two men had bonded beforehand and then stuck together and protected each other throughout this really difficult time in human history.

‘It’s not unlike any other relationship—there’s fights that occur, there’s little squabbles about how to approach a group. “Should we approach this group? What do you think of these people? Can we trust them?” There’s going to be disagreements. It was enormously helpful to discuss that with each other before we shot any of those scenes.’