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Warsaw’s Tolerance Rainbow has been torched again

Warsaw’s Tolerance Rainbow has been torched again

Warsaw’s Tolerance Rainbow in Savior Square has been torched again in the latest arson attack on the symbol of LGBTI tolerance in the city.

A drunk 25-year-old set fire to the rainbow arch, near the Church of the Holiest Savior, around 1am on Sunday.

However police quickly intervened and put out the fire, so only a small section of the installation, which is made of artificial flowers, was damaged this time.

This incident is only the latest attempt to burn the installation since it was erected in Warsaw in 2012.

It has been attacked six times and in November of 2013 it was reduced to ashes after it was burnt by Polish nationalists who were holding an Independence Day march.

However Warsaw mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz has promised to have the Tolerance Rainbow rebuilt every time it is damaged.

The Tolerance Rainbow was created by Polish artist Julita Wojcik in 2011 during the Polish presidency of the European Union and was originally installed in front of the European Parliament Building in Brussels before it was relocated to the Polish capital.

Wojcik told IAR that she had created the Tolerance Rainbow to show that her homeland was not a homophobic country.

‘Poland was seen as a homophobic country.’ Wojcik said, ‘I wanted to show that we’re not closed, but open-minded.’