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Washington DC is the gayest place in the US

Washington DC is the gayest place in the US

Washington DC is the gayest place in the US, nearly twice as gay as Hawaii.

North Dakota meanwhile is the least gay state, but interestingly, neighbours South Dakota are way up the list in eigth place.

That’s according to a poll of all the states carried out by American company Gallup between June and December 2012. Pollers asked if people identified as LGBT to find out their population in each state.

And the results found 10% of people in the national capital, Washington DC, were lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

In contrast, North Dakota was found to be only 1.7% LGBT. Hawaii was the second most LGBT state with 5.1%, while third placed Vermont was 4.9%. New York State, which legalized gay marriage in 2011, has an LGBT population of 3.8%, less than California (4%) and Nevada (4.2%).

Gallup concluded their survey by suggesting government policy could influence a state’s gay, bi and trans population.

‘States with high LGBT percentages tend to be more liberal and have more supportive LGBT legal climates, while those at the lower end of the LGBT spectrum are generally the most conservative.

‘This suggests that one explanation for the variation across states is the relationship between the willingness to disclose LGBT identity and the environment of one’s state of residence.’

For the full poll results click here.

(Technically, DC is a Federal District, rather than a state but Washington DC was counted separately in the survey as it is not in any state.)