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Washington governor to sign gay marriage into law on Monday

Washington governor to sign gay marriage into law on Monday

Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire has announced that she will sign her state's same-sex marriage bill into law on Monday (13 February).

When she does so, Washington will become the seventh state in the U.S. to allow gay marriages.  The Washington House passed the bill on a 55-43 vote on Wednesday. The state Senate had already approved the measure last week.

The signing will take place  in the state Capitol's State Reception Room at 11:30 a.m. PST.

But Gregoire has vowed to do more than that. She also plans to be in touch with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to try and convince him to sign marriage equality into law in his state.

Christie has vowed to veto a same-sex marriage bill that is currently being considered by his state legislature. He said last month that he would rather put the issue before a vote of the people in the fall.

'I have worked with him on a number of issues,' Gregoire said Friday ina  radio interview with Wall Street Journal’s The Daily Wrap. 'I would feel very comfortable sharing with him my personal journey, the overwhelming response that I’ve received, and how good I feel about myself today and I have not felt good about this issue and about where I stood for a number of years.'