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Watch a colorblind gay man get the gift of colored sight from his fiance

Watch a colorblind gay man get the gift of colored sight from his fiance

A touching video of a color blind man seeing the full spectrum of color for the first time has gone viral after his fiance surprised him with the gift of a pair of glasses that use new technology to enhance a person’s color perception.

Political science student and vlogger Ethan Zachery Scott received the gift from his fiance James at the end of June for his birthday but he had no idea what was special about the glasses until he put them on.

‘It doesn’t mean that I see the world in black and white,’ Ethan explains about his colorblindness in his video, which has been shared by major news organizations and watched over 2.5 million times on YouTube.

‘I can see some pink and some green, it’s just sometimes green looks brown or yellow and pink looks silver or blue.’

‘There’s a company called EnChroma that has developed glasses that correct colorblindness and someone very special to me gave me a pair and didn’t tell me what they were – they just put them on my face.’

In the video Ethan quickly realizes there is something special about the glasses, taking them on and off to see the difference in his color perception before becoming overwhelmed by the experience.

He is then distracted by some color pens – seeing the colors as other people do for the first time in his life.

Seeing purple for the first time amazes him so much that he can’t stop himself swearing in surprise.

After telling James that he loves him the couple go outside to explore Ethan’s new world of colors.

The technology to correct colorblindness used by EnChroma was discovered by accident by PhD in Glass Science Don McPherson when he noticed the effect on color perception resulting from a special lens formula that he had invented for laser surgery eye protection.

The glasses are tailored to augment a person’s particular range of color blindness and can also be given a normal optical prescription for people who are long or short sighted and the glasses have been available to the public since 2012.

Watch Ethan’s video below but be warned – there is a lot of swearing!