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Watch: Bernie Sanders rips anti-trans Trump supporter

Watch: Bernie Sanders rips anti-trans Trump supporter

Heckler wore a Donald Trump T-shirt.

Bernie Sanders ripped an anti-trans Donald Trump supporter who interrupted his speech at the University of Massachusetts on Saturday (2 January).

The man shouted ‘Shame on you, Bernie’ while wearing a Trump T-shirt and holding up a sign reading: ‘Obama is as Cristain [sic] as Bruce Jenner is a woman.’

‘Here’s a Trump supporter worried about Mr Trump’s money,’ said Sanders, who has a long record of supporting LGBTI rights in the Senate.

Sanders’ supporters sitting behind him on the stage then stood up and chanted: ‘Bernie, Bernie, Bernie,’ drowning out the heckler.

The man was then quickly escorted out of the room, but not before Sanders could deliver this message:

‘I say to Mr Trump and his supporters that the billionaires in this country will not continue to own this nation.’

Watch the incident below: