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WATCH: Bill Nye uses ice cream to demonstrate the absurdity of ‘gay cure’ therapy

WATCH: Bill Nye uses ice cream to demonstrate the absurdity of ‘gay cure’ therapy

Bill Nye uses ice cream to explain sexual identity

Bill Nye – everyone’s favorite science guy – has a new Netflix series titled Bill Nye Saves The World.

In one episode in particular, he uses ice cream flavors as metaphors for sexuality. And with a cartoon, he shows how absurd the idea of ‘conversion therapy’ is.

The video starts with ice cream cones of various flavors gathering in a room, only to learn Vanilla wants to convert everyone else to be vanilla, since he ‘feels’ he’s the ‘most natural’ ice cream flavor.

Vanilla gets some pushback, obviously. Chocolate demands to know how Vanilla is so sure the ‘big ice cream in the sky’ is vanilla-flavored. What if it’s chocolate? Of course Vanilla is quick to dismiss her question, claiming it to be ‘blasphemous’.

‘Everyone should pretend to be vanilla until they no longer have the urge not to be vanilla,’ he states.

Then Mint Chocolate Chip comes along and talks about how she’s always celebrated ‘being two things at once.’ She then tempts Vanilla, asking if he’s ‘ever wanted to be in a neapolitan.’

The clip ends with what seems to be an ice cream orgy with all the flavors, and even some nuts.

Check out the video below:

Conversion therapy is a pseudoscientific treatment, often rooted in Christian fundamentalism, that attempts to convert an LGB folks to heterosexuals, and even trans folks into identifying with the sex they were assigned at birth.

Medical and governmental communities both in the United States and the United Kingdom deem these practices dangerous to a person’s mental and physical health.