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Watch: Busker drowns out anti-gay preacher with Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Watch: Busker drowns out anti-gay preacher with Girls Just Want to Have Fun

A busker has become the outsinging hero of the Sydney Mardi Gras after he drowned out an anti-gay preacher with a performance of Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

Axel Winter, 24, was about to start busking at Pitt Street Mall on Saturday (7 March) when he noticed a man atop a stepladder with a Bible in his hand.

‘He was saying hateful things towards gay people themselves. He said at one point "today is the day that god hates you most,"’ he told Gay Star News.

As the preacher shouted anti-gay slurs and waved his Bible about, people surrounded him and started ‘getting aggressive.’

To diffuse the situation, Winter and a few other buskers set up their equipment and loud speakers inside the circle and broke into an acoustic performance of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

In the video, Winter can be heard singing ‘some boys take a beautiful boy and hide her away’ while the preacher shouts angrily in the background.

‘In that line, I’m speaking of a man loving a transgender girl that is a boy,’ he said.

Winter is not himself gay and grew up in a Christian environment but said he had learned to accept others.

‘I was only doing what is needed in this world. I was helping people that deserve it. Homosexuals are humans just like everybody else. No matter their sexuality, they deserve equality and respect,’ he said.

Winter said he was very surprised by the positive reaction, with dozens of people on social media thanking him and saying how proud they are of him.

Watch his performance below: