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WATCH: Cute cattle ranchers want marriage equality ASAP

WATCH: Cute cattle ranchers want marriage equality ASAP

Dan and Miki own a cattle farm in New South Wales

The debate around the marriage equality plebiscite in Australia has never been more fierce, and many allies are calling for the plebiscite to be called off in favor of a vote in parliament.

Australian Marriage Equality

For some, marriage equality is about rights. For Dan and Miki, a couple of cute cattle ranchers from Northern Rivers, New South Wales, it’s especially a pertinent expression of how much they mean to each other.

‘Commitment [is showing] you’re willing to work together, to get through whatever it is you’re going through. Getting married would be a way of demonstrating that,’ the two men said in a video promoting the #EqualityCampaign, which advocates for a parliamentary vote.

Australian Marriage Equality

The pro-equal marriage campaign says the cost of the plebiscite will be too high, an estimated $525m (€477m), and the effort of campaigning could be stressful for same-sex couples.

The two men hope rural Australians like themselves will approach their members of parliament and sway how they vote.

The long-awaited Australian plebiscite on gay marriage goes to the Senate on November 7.

A petition from 114 members and allies of the LGBTI community has called for the Senate to strike down the proposed plebiscite in favor of a parliamentary vote.

PFLAG UK said the Australian plebiscite would be ‘hurtful, expensive, divisive and unnecessary‘, citing the ‘human cost’ of the Irish popular vote on marriage equality.