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WATCH: This drag queen gave the Babadook a makeover in her new music video

Babadook is the star of Pissi Myles' new music video

WATCH: This drag queen gave the Babadook a makeover in her new music video

The now infamous LGBTI icon, the Babadook, is the star of New Jersey-based drag queen Pissi Myles’ new music video.

Babashook, Myles’ new song, takes the character from the Australian horror film (mistakenly categorized as an LGBT film by Netflix) and camps it up. The catchy dance song was co-written by Myles and humorist Topher Cusumano and features an original track by B.Ames.

According to, Myles was inspired by legendary camp queens like Lady Bunny, Coco Peru, and Jackie Beat when coming up with the concept for this music video.

‘I think queer people have always identified with the isolation and power of the monster or villain in a horror movie, especially when they’re as fabulous as Babadook,’ Myles tells website Bloody Disgusting.

‘As a gay person, there have always been people who made me feel like my actions were wrong or evil, when I knew that I was just pursuing my goals and desires. While many movie villains actually do have bad intentions, I’ve always had an understanding for the villain and their plight for understanding.’

‘My husband and I both love scary movies, so when Babadook “came out” we wanted to bring this new side of the character to life.’

Watch the music video, directed by Joe la Scola, below:

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