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WATCH: Elders adore the short film In a Heartbeat, making you fall in love all over again

The short film went viral last week

WATCH: Elders adore the short film In a Heartbeat, making you fall in love all over again
Elders watch and react to the short film In a Heartbeat

Remember the animated short film In a Heartbeat that went viral last week? Of course you do, you’ve probably watched it countless times since then (I know I have).

Well, the YouTube channel FBE is bringing it back already and causing even more tears.

One of the channel’s most popular series is their Reacts To videos. They’re exactly what they sound like: a group of people reacting to something. They’ve done kids react to gay marriage, adults react to The Simpsons, and many more.

In this one, elders watch the charming short film about a teenage boy who has a crush on another teenage boy. First, the video shows them watching and responding to the film. Then, they answer various questions about the film.

And it will make you cry all over again.

The people’s reactions to the film are genuine and sweet. One woman in particular is very moved by the short film, saying as she wipes her eyes: ‘Wow, that was so powerful.’

In the video, the elders comment on how professional and well-done the film is. They also acknowledge and embrace the film’s message and how important it is.

‘It would make a little boy who feels warmly about another little boy feel better to see this,’ one of the participants comments. ‘It would make him feel like it’s not something terrible.’

When asked what they would say to the filmmakers Beth David and Esteban Bravo, one of them said: ‘Good for you for putting it out there because it’s something that’s really needed. We do nee to remember love is love and our heart needs to rule.’

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