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WATCH: Elton John classic songs get new videos

WATCH: Elton John classic songs get new videos

Elton John arriving in Cannes on the weekend

Elton John and long-time songwriting partner Bernie Taupin have unveiled the winners of a competition for budding film makers and animators to create videos for some of Elton’s best-loved songs.

Many of Elton’s best-loved hits were released in the 1970s, before music videos became commonplace. To rectify that the fact that some of his classic tracks never had accompanying videos, Elton turned to YouTube for help.

On Monday, Elton and Taupin attended a special screening in Cannes of the three finalists. The videos were screened and then Spike Lee hosted a Q&A session with the songwriters.

Each video was presented by the winning filmmaker. These included:

  • Max Weiland – Tiny Dancer
  • Majid Adin – Rocket Man
  • Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill – Bennie and the Jets

Adin, an Iranian refugee who has relocated to the UK, only just managed to make the Cannes screening after his travel documents were at first refused. He said his submission, made with animation director Stephen McNally, had been influenced by his journey across Europe from Iran in 2015 – which included a spell in a refugee camp in Calais.

‘What these people have done is extraordinary,’ said Elton John.

Watch the winning videos below.

Rocket Man

Bennie and the Jets

Tiny Dancer

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