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WATCH: Ezra Miller plants big kiss on fan at Comic Con

WATCH: Ezra Miller plants big kiss on fan at Comic Con

Ezra Miller is an out actor and star of Fantastic Beasts

Ezra Miller is having a pretty good time at San Diego Comic Con.

The out actor has dressed up in cosplay, promoted the upcoming Justice League film, and chatting with fans.

Attending panels dressed as anime character Edward Elric, from Full Metal Alchemist, the Fantastic Beasts star is enjoying freaking out attendees.

Hahahahahhahhahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahhhahahahah! That man just shit his pants

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But one fan got a shock of his life after he was spotted by fans at a post-con party.

One fan asked if the queer actor was drunk, to which Miller responded it would be impossible for The Flash to get inebriated because of his super fast metabolism.

Not buying it, the fan asked if he could smell his breath.

And isn’t that one of the oldest lines in the book?

Miller then leaned in for a full on kiss.

When the crowd started cheering, with the fans stunned, he walked away. Miller then joked: ‘How’d it smell?’