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Watch a gay couple get engaged on Let’s Make a Deal while Wayne Brady serenades them

Watch a gay couple get engaged on Let’s Make a Deal while Wayne Brady serenades them

One of America’s longest running game shows was the venue for an impromptu same-sex marriage proposal this week.

Audience members on Let’s Make a Deal dress in distinctive costumes hoping they will be picked by host Wayne Brady to compete on the show and an unnamed gay couple got his attention by wearing matching German lederhosen outfits.

When Brady gave the microphone to the couple, one of the men asked Brady, ‘Can I give a little shout out?’ to which he replied ‘Of course!’

The man then turned and dropped to his knees in front of his partner, asking ‘Ron, will you marry me?’

The audience then went wild for the couple and a very emotional Ron who had clearly no idea what was coming.

Brady then improvised a serenade for the couple singing, ‘Today’s the day in which they’ll cry and laugh, today’s the day that Ronald’s gonna give him half.’

He then says to viewers at home, ‘You never know what’s going to happen on this damn show people!’

Brady is an alumni of improvisational comedy show Who’s Line Is It Anyway so is no stranger to making songs up on the spot and is a long time heterosexual ally of the LGBTI community.

In 2012 he spoke about his support for marriage equality in an interview with the Logo cable network, saying, ‘You could easily substitute black for gay.’

‘In the sense of, years ago a black person couldn’t marry a white person. It was illegal. You could be killed. I could be stopped on the street. I could be pulled out of my house.

‘Someone told us we could not be with the people we wanted to be [with] and treated us like second-class citizens. So that being said, in all consciousness I have to, I must, support the fact that you need to love who you want to love.’

Watch the marriage proposal on the show in the video below