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WATCH: This adorable gay couple got engaged at Magical Pride at Disneyland Paris

WATCH: This adorable gay couple got engaged at Magical Pride at Disneyland Paris

Phil and Tyler got engaged at Disneyland Paris

Sponsored: A Disney-loving same-sex couple has proved dreams really can come true after getting engaged at Magical Pride.

Magical Pride is a mini-break at Disneyland Paris targeted to LGBTI people and families headed by same-sex couples. Organized by Greatdays Holidays and Manchester Pride, the event is now in its fourth year. Including Disney hotel accommodation, park tickets and exclusive parties, the weekend allows LGBTI Disney fans to get together and celebrate in one of the happiest places in the world.

Phil and Tyler, a couple from Burnham in Buckinghamshire, England, met in a salon in October 2015. Phil was Tyler’s client, and Tyler immediately felt a connection.

‘The first time I did Phil’s hair, I became hot flushed and nervous,’ Tyler told Gay Star News. ‘It was the first time talking to him properly and I became all hot and fuzzy.

‘You normally have that barrier of what you should and shouldn’t say, but I was very open. I was panicking because I said stuff I probably shouldn’t have said at that time.

‘But he came back for another appointment, he wasn’t offended, and I felt that rush going through me.’

The two connected very quickly, and the relationship moved fast. After meeting in September, they officially started dating a month later on 14 October. And then, in November, they had moved in together.

‘Things felt right,’ Tyler said, as both had to leave the flats they were renting at the same time. Phil noted: ‘As we were looking for somewhere to live, we had been together so constantly that our relationship had built so quickly.

‘It felt right. It felt comfortable.’

The two connected on their love for Disney. Phil’s favorite is the Lion King, while Tyler’s is Beauty and the Beast.

And on their anniversary, Phil wanted to do something special.

‘Tyler had never done Disney. So our anniversary in October was coming up and I saw Magical Pride advertised, and I thought that sounds quite cool. Disney mixed with Pride.’

While in Disneyland Paris for Magical Pride, Phil and Tyler enjoyed private parties and mixers to get to know the rest of the attendees. They also had plenty of time to explore the magic of the Disney Parks, but Tyler was planning something that would make their weekend at Disneyland Paris even more memorable.

‘I wanted to propose anyway, and I knew this would be the perfect place to do it,’ Tyler said.

The only problem for Tyler was he had no idea how he was going to get pictures and videos of the proposal.

‘We were going for a meal, and I thought I could ask someone sneakily and meet them somewhere. The only problem was that the only time I didn’t see Phil was when he went to the toilet,’ Tyler said.

‘We went back to the hotel for an afternoon nap and I couldn’t sleep because I was so stressed. But then I realized I should ask Magical Pride themselves.

‘I contacted the Facebook and email, and I did what I could. Dan [at Magical Pride] got back to me, was very interested, and that was it.

‘We went back to the park, and it was chucking it down. I said we could have pictures by Cinderella’s Castle in the rain. And then when I saw the guys from Magical Pride, I was able to get down on one knee.’

Tyler added: ‘I was bricking it. I was so nervous. But once I hit the ground on one knee, it all went blank. It was just me and him. I could say it, it felt so comfortable, and it felt really right.’

Gay couple on Magical Pride: ‘It really was magical’

The couple are now in full wedding planning mode, and they’ve already picked a date: 14 October.

‘It makes it easier to remember,’ Phil joked.

The wedding will be fairly traditional, but there will definitely be some Disney elements. The couple are already thinking about Disney table toppers and songs they could include.

But while they won’t be able to make Magical Pride this year, Phil and Tyler will definitely be returning to the scene of their engagement again.

‘It was fantastic,’ Tyler said. ‘It sounds corny, but it really was magical.’

Magical Pride will take place on 19-22 October 2017, which includes a private party in Planet Hollywood and a Disney-hosted party in Walt Disney Studios Park.

The first 200 people to book also receives entry into the VIP viewing area for Disney’s brand new firework spectacle, Disney Illuminations. Book now.