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Watch gay man propose to boyfriend by writing his own adorable song

Watch gay man propose to boyfriend by writing his own adorable song

A Colorado gay man has proposed to his boyfriend in the most adorable way, by his gay men’s choir performing the love song he composed.

Braeden Ayres, a composer and music teacher, met his boyfriend Ryan Aguirre in October 2013 and they almost instantly fell in love. When he decided to pop the question, he presented the song to the Out Loud chorus under a fake name.

The chorus – including Ryan – spent months rehearsing it before Braeden surprised him by revealing the song was about him.

‘I never thought I could deserve a love,’ the lyrics go, ‘that fills my life with meaning.’

Braeden told the Huffington Post: ‘To be honest, I would have liked to have gotten him a giant diamond ring and flown him to London or something, but we’re both public school music teachers (who are about to get a ton of loans, go back to school and get our Master’s Degrees) so, let’s face it… that wasn’t exactly feasible.

‘Still, I wanted it to be something that only I could give him. The one thing I knew I could do was write something from my heart, and even if it wasn’t the "best song in the world", it would be an honest expression of all the reasons I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Now it’s something we’ll have forever.’

And Ryan said: ‘We especially hope that it reaches the young LGBT community and can show them the life that awaits them.

‘Most couples have their "song" that is special to them, but we have one that is unique to us. One that is really truly ours.’

Check out the adorable video below: