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Watch: Gay marriage proposal on Beijing subway goes viral

Watch: Gay marriage proposal on Beijing subway goes viral

A gay marriage proposal that took place the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival (27 September) on the Beijing subway has gone viral in China.

Videos posted on the Twitter-like service Weibo show a young man kneel in the middle of a rainbow-colored carriage and propose to his boyfriend with a watch.

‘Today, I invite all the people we know and do not know to bear witness,’ he says.

He then takes the watch out of its box and puts it on his boyfriend’s wrist, and they embrace to applause.

The happy couple are surrounded by commuters who filmed the proposal on their phones.

One uploaded a clip and commented: ‘As usual, I was taking the subway home, but contrary to what I was expecting, I encountered a couple’s love… I think this is really incredible.

‘I believe the road they walk is certainly not a simple one. As a spectator, I can only send my sincere blessings.’

Shouts of ‘kiss’ and ‘disgusting’ can both be heard in the video, but most of the thousands of Weibo comments are supportive and the hashtag ‘Mid-Autumn Festival man proposes to his boyfriend’ is a trending topic.

One commenter wrote: ‘Those who say it’s disgusting, you should admire their courage.’

China does not recognize gay marriage or civil unions.