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WATCH: Straight guy and gay guy enjoy a bromance in new LGBTI TV show

WATCH: Straight guy and gay guy enjoy a bromance in new LGBTI TV show

The bromance between a straight guy and a gay guy is the focus of new LGBTI TV show Stray, launching today.

The real-life experiences of its writer/creator Pablo Andreu provide part of the basis for the series.

Stray is available to watch on gay streaming service Dekkoo.

In a Dekkoo interview, Andreu further elaborates on what inspired the show. ‘Personal experience,’ he said.

‘The show is largely informed by a close friendship of mine. I didn’t see anything out there that quite represented the dynamic my friend and I have. Even though he and I are quite unlike the main characters on the show.

‘Some shows represent and cater to gay men, and some shows – “mainstream” shows, whatever that is anymore – tend to default to tokenism when incorporating gay characters.

He furthermore added: ‘I didn’t see a show in which a pair of male friends joke with each other, pick on each other, posture and share thoughts on sex and attraction. Where sexual orientation is at once topical and incidental to the friendship.’

‘When I was growing up, straight guys were a lot more uptight than we are today. Homophobia was a lot more common even in cities that tend to be more accepting and forward-thinking.

‘Today, at least in those same cities, most straight guys are pretty open-minded. But there’s still a certain level of ignorance and – dare I say it? – privilege. The show attempts to find humor in that well-meaning cluelessness.’

For more information about Stray, visit here.