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WATCH: Grandfather adorably asks woman to marry his granddaughter

Unfortunately, he passed away before the wedding day

WATCH: Grandfather adorably asks woman to marry his granddaughter
Grandfather proposes for granddaughter in sweet video

In a sweet and touching video, Sarah proposed to her girlfriend Megan in truly unique way: through her grandfather!

Sarah and Megan met on the dating app Brenda five years ago and knew within several months they were meant to be together.

Unfortunately, a month before the proposal, Sarah’s grandfather, Pa, was given three months to live.

‘We have always been very close. He is my best friend,’ Sarah told Dancing With Her.

As they explain in their story, Sarah and Megan knew the likelihood of Pa being present for the wedding was slim. So instead, Sarah decided he should be part of the proposal.

The short video features Pa and Nanna telling Megan how much they’ve grown to love her and consider her part of the family. At the end, Pa says: ‘I have a favor to ask you. Would you please consider and agree to marry our granddaughter? Please, thank you, and I hope you both have a very, very happy life together. Love from Pa.’

Sarah pulled out a laptop while the couple was at the beach, a place where a lot of their relationship took place. She showed Megan the video and Megan said yes!

Unfortunately, Pa passed away in the past week. Now the couple is planning their big day and remembering Pa every step of the way.

Watch the sweet proposal:

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