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WATCH: Gym brand explains LGBTI alphabet in stunning video – but leaves out asexuals

WATCH: Gym brand explains LGBTI alphabet in stunning video – but leaves out asexuals

Equinox included all aspects of the LGBTI community - from femme to coming out

Equinox released a video for Pride month – but part of the LGBTI community are far from happy.

In the past the gym brand has repeatedly been praised for their campaign.

Early this year, they kicked off their new campaign – titled Commit to Something – by featuring a model showing off her mastectomy scars.

Now they put their focus on Pride by releasing a four-minute video, produced in collaborations with New York’s LGBT Community Center, explaining the LGBTI alphabet.

LGBTQAlphabet: Six Letters Will Never Be Enough shows 26 different voices speaking about what every letter means, and what it means to them, set against an empowering soundtrack and interpretative dance scenes.

It covers everything – from coming out or doing drag to being interex, non-binary, and trans.

‘Equinox has always empowered the community to be proud and unapologetic about who they are, but this year, we wanted to make an even more meaningful contribution to a cultural dialogue that is being written before our eyes,’ said Elizabeth Nolan, executive creative director at Equinox, in a statement.

‘With the help of The Center, we were able to bring this vision to life in a way that feels simultaneously brave, authentic and celebratory.’

So far, so good, so inclusive.

Except it gives the letter A to allies and advocates instead of mentioning asexual, aromantic, or agender people.

Understandably, people are not very happy and are accusing Equinox of erasing a whole part of the community.

There is a continuous discussion already about whether asexual people are part of the LGBTI community, and whether they should be part of Pride.

At the same time they are also often rejected by straight people who refuse to accept asexuality as anything more than a choice.