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Watch: Hong Kong’s only gay lawmaker verbally abused on subway

Watch: Hong Kong’s only gay lawmaker verbally abused on subway

Hong Kong’s first openly gay politician has posted a video of two women verbally abusing him on the subway that has gone viral in the city.

Ray Chan uploaded the 2-minute clip on YouTube, in which two women mock his sexuality and call him a ‘bastard,’ ‘shemale,’ and ‘dickless.’

One of the woman even told Chan ‘to bend over and get fucked in the ass.’

The second unidentified woman called Chan a ‘mad dog’ and said he had ‘no face.’

The video has racked up more than 250,000 views and hundreds of comments since it was uploaded on Sunday (31 May).

A third woman intervened by expressing her disapproval of their behavior and pointing out that children and elderly people were on board the train.

‘As a taxpayer, [she has] the right to insult Chan because he is such a trash legislator,’ one of the women retorted.

Chan, who filmed the incident on his phone, did not directly respond to the two women but later took to social media to let netizens judge if he was discriminated against.

‘While these women could disagree with my political views or parliamentary work, but attacking me on the basis of my sexual orientation and genitalia is uncalled for,’ he said.

‘In face of this gratuitous and hurtful hate, the best response I could think of at the moment was to document it for the world to see. It becomes primary source and original material on which the public will be able to comment and discuss.

‘Indeed, a fellow passenger was also disturbed by these women’s behavior, and interceded verbally for me. My sincere gratitude goes to her.’

Netizens noted that the women might have violated the bylaws of the railway operator.

Watch the video with English subtitles below: