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Watch: Idina Menzel performs coming out anthem ‘Let It Go’ at Oscars

John Travolta messed up the Broadway star's name in his introduction, accidentally calling her 'Adele Dazeem'

Watch: Idina Menzel performs coming out anthem ‘Let It Go’ at Oscars

Ladies and gentlemen, ‘Adele Dazeem’!

While John Travolta may have mangled her name in the introduction, Idina Menzel delivered a powerhouse performance of Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ last night (2 March).

The Broadway singer and actress tore through the performance from Disney’s Oscar-winning film, with the crowd giving her a standing ovation at the end.

‘Let It Go’ won Best Original Song, beating ‘Happy’ from Despicable Me 2, ‘Ordinary Love’ from Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom and ‘The Moon Song’ from Her.

The song has been hailed by many LGBTI blogs and others as Disney’s ultimate coming out anthem.

During the film, it comes as the queen Elsa exiles herself to protect her beloved sister and people from her dangerous ice-wielding powers.

Voiced in the movie by Menzel, she ‘slams the door’ on the past, becomes a queen of her own making and sets herself free.

Frozen, whose soundtrack has topped the Billboard 200 for five weeks – the best performing soundtrack since ‘Titanic’ – also took home a win in the category of Best Animated Feature.

Check out Menzel performing ‘Let It Go’, as well as John Travolta flubbing up her name, below:

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