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Watch kids drop F-bombs while raging against sexism and gender stereotypes

Watch kids drop F-bombs while raging against sexism and gender stereotypes

We love anything that questions gender stereotypes and confronts sexism, including the latest viral campaign from – the non-profit T-shirt company that uses slogans and images to campaign against homophobia, racism and sexism.

Its latest viral video is entitled ‘F-Bombs for Feminism’, and features a selection of young girls, aged 6-13, using what some would say was decidedly un-lady like language to address notions of gender stereotypes.

Be warned – the clip is packed with expletives as the girls complain about always being portrayed as ‘the fucking princess in distress’, among other things.

‘So what is more offensive?’ says the participants; ‘A little girl saying “fuck” … Or the fucking unequal and sexist way … Society treats girls and women?’

The clip addresses issues around sexism and the way that women continue to face widespread discrimination, inequality and violence. It includes one male participant; a boy dressed in a princess outfit with a message for other guys.

‘You bro, when you tell boys not to act like a girl, it’s because you think it’s bad to be a girl,’ he says, exasperatedly.

‘Fuck that sexist shit,’ retorts a girl, raising her middle finger to the camera.

The hard-hitting movie has provoked widespread response on social media, with some outraged at the children’s use of swear words, while others have applauded its hard-hitting message. It’s picked up over 20,000 comments on FCKH8’s Facebook page, and has reportedly been pulled from for violating the website’s terms of service.

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