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WATCH: Kids react to classic Madonna videos for the first time

This may make you feel very, very old.

WATCH: Kids react to classic Madonna videos for the first time
Kids react to Madonna

We do love the ‘Kids react…’ videos put out by the FBE YouTube channel. Its latest is a classic. It features youngsters watching old Madonna videos for the first time.

For many of us, videos for songs such as Material Girl, Vogue and Music are a part of our queer DNA. For those under 14, they’re a revelation.

‘Why is she always surrounded by men,’ asks one, noting Madonna’s use of male dancers in her videos.

‘Is this really the same artist?’ asks another, commenting on Ms Ciccone’s frequently changing image between promo clips.

‘Now I know this is so old because it’s in black and white,’ says one young girl triumphantly of Madonna’s Vogue video.

‘Good music never fades’

Some of their funniest reactions are to one of Madonna’s most controversial videos: Like A Prayer.

‘Why is she in a church?’ asks one.

‘This is kind of weird,’ says another, a little disturbed.

In a comment that will horrify Madonna devotees everywhere, one young man asks to know the identity of the mystery singer: ‘Lady Gaga? When she was young?’

Most admit to knowing some of the songs but aren’t able to name the music icon. However, they approve of her ever changing image, and her ‘catchy’ and inspirational songs.

‘Good music never fades,’ reflects one wisely.

Watch the film below.

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