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WATCH: Meet Desmond Napoles, 10-year-old drag icon

WATCH: Meet Desmond Napoles, 10-year-old drag icon

Desmond meets LGBTI celebs

The next generation of fabulous drag queens are starting young!

In the past, we’ve met Lactatia, the 8-year-old drag queen who has no time for haters.

Now, we’re introducing Desmond Napoles, a 10-year-old queen who knows what it means to be truly fierce.

The 10-year-old prince of preteen drag has already rubbed elbows with LGBTI celebrities, such as Tituss Burgess of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt fame and RuPaul’s Drag Race favorite, Alaska.

‘How do you define fierce?’ Mic’s Style Editor, Evan Ross Katz, asks the young queen.

‘To be beautiful,’ Desmond Napoles replies. ‘To be a little sassy, not much. Beautiful, friendly.’

‘When did you first start applying looks to your face and to your body?’ Katz asks.

‘Two years old,’ the queen responds without a moment of hesitation. ‘I used to get mommy’s towels and everything and put them around my head and face, and then clomp in her big heels. Just clomp around the house, and it was fun.’

Desmond Napoles first received media attention back in 2015 when a viral video caught him voguing at the New York Pride parade. While some people adored the video, others weren’t so kind.

‘What sort of hate did you experience?’ Katz asks.

‘People saying that I was disgusting, saying [my] mom should go to a mental institution, mommy should go to jail and I should go to foster [care].’

‘And I was just like, so upset. But mommy and my dad took care of it. And I don’t really experience much hate anymore.’

‘I think that when a child has interest in something – whether it’s football, dressing up, playing with dolls, playing with trucks, or what have you – as a parent you naturally indulge them in those interests and help them to just naturally develop into the person they are,’ says Wendylou Napoles, Desmond’s mother.
In fact, one of Desmond’s favorite things about his mother is that she creates his beautiful costumes for him. ‘Not everyone gets the opportunity to have a mom like this,’ he says lovingly.

In terms of advice Desmond Napoles has for other young people looking to defend themselves or keep a smile on their faces, the queen says the following:

‘No matter what anybody says, just tell them to mind their own beeswax and not worry about who you are and the way you act because they will never be as fierce as that kid that is getting bullied.’

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