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WATCH: Meet Hungry, the 'Distorted Drag' queen

These eerie looks are stunning!

WATCH: Meet Hungry, the 'Distorted Drag' queen
Some of Hungry's otherworldly looks. Björk (right) had Hungry do her makeup for her new album, Utopia.

Hungry, known on Instagram as @isshehungry, is a drag performer, fashion designer, and model.

Distorted Drag

The Berlin-based queen describes their work as ‘distorted drag.’ They started doing drag in 2014. Before that, they studied fashion design – even interning with Vivienne Westwood.

About a year into doing drag, Hungry moved to London. By this time, they were already well-known in the small Berlin scene.

In London I claimed the title “ethereal slag” and went for an extraterrestrial witch vibe,’ they tell Indie. ‘Back in Berlin a year later the current Hungry surfaced with “distorted drag” ranging from very insect-like drag to my own interpretations of gods.’

For Hungry, drag is about giving people a glimpse of an alternate reality. It’s therapeutic for them and their way of leaving a mark on the world.

Eye illusions

Hungry’s signature effects are their eye illusions. These illusions are created with contact lenses and makeup under and around the eyes.

Hungry takes about two hours to put on their makeup. For the costumes, they take Hungry a full week as they sew them from scratch.

See more of Hungry’s looks in the video below:

GSN has reached out to Hungry via email requesting an interview.

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