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Watch Melanie C live her best life at São Paulo Pride

Watch Melanie C live her best life at São Paulo Pride

Melanie C aka Sporty Spice is living her best life as she attends Pride events around the world.

The 45-year-old was spotted dancing up a storm at São Paulo Pride – the world’s biggest Pride parade, just days after she reunited on a comeback tour with the Spice Girls.

She serenaded parade goers with her solo and Spice Girls’ hits including 2 Become 1.

Mel C waved a rainbow Pride flag above her head as she performed atop the parade float.


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She also dropped in to popular TV program Altas Horas to perform Viva Forever alongside local drag queen, Gloria Groove.

But it was at the official party where Sporty Spice earned rave reviews. Backed by her team of drag queen dancers she performed a range or her music including the new single with Sink the Pink called High Heels.

Mel C will continue her Global Pride tour with Sink the Pink in Dublin, New York, Stockholm, Brighton, Amsterdam and London.

‘This is a bit of dream come true for me,’ Mel C said of her Global Pride tour.

‘I’m going on tour with Sink the Pink, the most inclusive, fun and fabulous club night in London and we’re taking their best drag queens round the world, with a truly special show in London after Pride. I can’t wait.’

Sporty Spice explained why she loved performing at Pride events.

‘As an artist, sometimes you can take yourself a bit too seriously,’ Mel C told Billboard.

‘I think when you’re surrounded by these incredible flamboyant drag queens, it’s all a bit of fun. At the end of the day, it’s entertainment.’

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