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WATCH: New ad targets gay people who are hesitant about joining the army

WATCH: New ad targets gay people who are hesitant about joining the army

Man walks in San Diego Pride wearing army camouflage speedo

A new British advertisement is specifically encouraging gay people to join the army.

The Army released the series of videos aimed at LGBTI people, but also religious and ’emotional’ people.

It’s a £1.6million ($2.2million €1.8million) initiative focuses on inclusivity, with each one signing off: ‘Find where you belong.’

Man touches another man's chest from behind while wearing a US Army shirt
New York City Pride 1997. | Photo: Elvert Barnes/Flickr

The video on sexuality starts: ‘Growing up, I really had my heart set on joining the army.’

The narrator says he feels inspired to join as a medic after his brother went to Afghanistan.

He continues: ‘I was really worried about whether I would be accepted.

‘But within days, I was more than confident about being who I was… I’m not afraid to talk about having a boyfriend.

‘I thought I’d have to hide it, but once you’ve done it you think: Why did I make it such a big thing for so long?

The ads will be broadcast on Saturday (13 January) via television, radio and digital platforms.

Negative reactions

Retired Colonel Richard Kemp said the ads pander too much to being politically correct.

He told the BBC: ‘I think what the Army needs to do in order to deal with its recruiting problem is not to specifically appeal to minorities – of course, the more people from all parts of society who join the better.

‘But it’s even more important than that to fill the Army up with people who want to fight.’

He added: ‘And this, I don’t think, will do that.’

Major General Tim Cross told The Times: ‘I have no problem with putting together recruitment campaigns that recognise we’re struggling in some areas, but overall we must ensure we produce a fully trained army capable of fighting high-intensity operations, that’s the main intent.

‘It’s no good just having an army that’s jolly nice to people and we must be able to do that,’ he said.

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