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WATCH: New Aussie marriage equality ad demands free vote

WATCH: New Aussie marriage equality ad demands free vote

Australian marriage equality ad

A new Australian ad demands marriage equality now.

Produced by the Equality Campaign, the ad uses everyday LGBTI Australians to urge the Australian Government to pass marriage equality.

‘We do our jobs,’ the video says.

‘It’s about time politicians did theirs.’

The ad features LGBTI people in everyday jobs, including a life saver, a surgeon, a fire woman, a doctor and a nurse.

The video asks: ‘So why can’t we get married?’

The message is simple – Australians want a free parliamentary vote.

The current state of marriage equality in Australia

Previously, the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, tried to introduce a public vote on the issue of same-sex marriage.

The expensive and divisive plebiscite divided the nation, but was voted down in parliament.

Conservative Prime Minister Turnbull is an advocate for same-sex marriage but took the plebiscite to the election as a key promise.

When the plebiscite was voted down due to fears it would ‘create a poisonous and divisive homophobic debate,’ this election promise became redundant.

His hands were tied and he no longer had any commitment to introduce same-sex marriage.

There are rumors new discussions will take place when parliament sits for the first time since last year on Tuesday.

But there are no concrete commitments or plans to introduce same-sex marriage legislation any time soon.

Watch the marriage equality ad and if you live in Australia, tell your local MP why you support marriage equality.