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WATCH: non-binary parent Kori Doty claps back at Piers Morgan’s insensitive questions

WATCH: non-binary parent Kori Doty claps back at Piers Morgan’s insensitive questions

Kori Doty on Good Morning Britain

Kori Doty, the Canadian nonbinary parent of Searyl Atli, has been struggling to get the province of British Columbia to issue their child a gender-neutral birth certificate.

Recently, Doty was interviewed on Good Morning Britain by controversial figure Piers Morgan.

In the past, Morgan has been criticized for being insensitive to transgender issues, such as when he interviewed trans activist Janet Mock and sensationalized her genitalia.

What went down?

During the Good Morning Britain segment, Morgan pressed Doty about their gender identity.

‘Were you born male or female?’ Morgan asked Doty.

‘Piers, I’ve seen your interviews. I know you’ve gotten into trouble for asking these kinds of questions before and you know that this is not the right way to ask them,’ Doty replied.

‘I don’t think the most difficult question in the world is asking a guest if they’re male or female at birth,’ Morgan stated. ‘You do, but that doesn’t mean I have to.’

‘When I was born, I was assigned female. But that doesn’t mean I was born a girl,’ Doty clarified.

Morgan went on to ask Doty if they’ve had genital surgery to become male.

‘I will remind you, because I know this is not the first time you’ve heard this, the genital configuration and surgical history of trans people is not actually an issue on the table. It’s not the conversation that needs to be had,’ Doty replied, only to be cut off by Morgan mid-sentence.

‘If that’s the way this conversation is going to go, we can ask you conversations about if one of your testicles hangs lower or how you feel about circumcision,’ Doty fired back.

On Doty’s parenting

The conversation then turned towards Doty’s child.

‘What I’m more concerned about is your baby having absolutely zero identity until it decides what it wants to be. Can I call it “it”? What can I call your baby? Is it an “it”?’ Morgan asked.

Doty stated that they also use they/them pronouns for their child. Morgan interrupted Doty mid-sentence again to state that ‘they’ or ‘them’ is plural. The discussion got derailed into one about whether or not ‘they’ and ‘them’ can be used in a singular manner, which Doty pointed out has been the case since Chaucer.

When the conversation came back to Doty’s child, Morgan said, ‘I think your baby, at the moment, should be assigned a gender until it’s old enough to work out if, like its parent, can help it have that debate when they get older.’

Susanna Reid, Morgan’s co-host, agreed with Doty about not putting one’s child in the binary by wearing blue or pink or playing with certain toys.

Yet, she didn’t understand why if the child has a ‘clear biological identity’ why Doty didn’t want to have that on official documents.

‘Why not just allow your child to be male or female depending on what they are at birth, but then decide for themselves how they want to act and be treated?’ she asked.

‘Because operating in that way is operating from the expectation that not being trans is the default and being trans is “weird,”’ Doty explained.

‘What happens if your child gets to 4 or 5 and decides it wants to identify as a monkey?’ Morgan asked. ‘Then what?’

‘They’re a human being. We’re talking about gender, we’re not talking about species,’ Doty answered.

Watch the full interview below: